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W-DMX kisojen avajaisissa


W-DMX on the FIS Alpine Ski World Championship 2013 Opening Ceremony

Uddevalla, Sweden – MARCH 13, 2013 – Wireless Solution Sweden AB, manufacturer of the award-winning W-DMX™ wireless DMX technology, worked with Ampco Flashlight Rental, based in Utrecht the Netherlands, to use the new Wireless Solution W-DMX G4 system to control dozens of moving lights, LED fixtures and conventional lighting fixtures at the FIS Alpine Ski World Championship 2013 Opening Ceremony in Schladming Austria on Feb 4th 2013.

Lighting designers Frank Lischka, Daan Oomen and Jeffrey Goes from The Unit Showcontrol placed lighting fixtures over a very widespread area along the ski slope and the finish area. Some of the many lighting positions were only accessible by helicopter. W-DMX transmitters and receivers were placed in distances from 50m to 500m of each other. W-DMX allowed the lighting team the opportunity to get DMX512 at places that were impossible to get to with hard-wired connections. Large scaffolding constructions and ski slopes were impossible to come across without damaging the specially prepared ski slope finish area. In total, 8 universes were used, of which 4 were W-DMX G4 wireless connections.


Wireless Solution Sweden is the world’s leading manufacturer of Wireless lighting control equipment, now celebrating 100,000 units sold worldwide and over 40 OEM partners. Hailed for its reliability and ease of use, Wireless Solution’s W-DMX range of products is the consistent choice for top professionals in the lighting industry and specified with perfect results in high-profile events and installations around the world. W-DMX is also hailed as the best wireless OEM solution. W-DMX has been used in major lighting applications including the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, Bruce Springsteen, Lady Gaga, Coldplay, Super bowl XLVI and many more.



FIS Lighting Equipment:

2 x W-DMX BlackBox F-2 G4 MK2

4 x W-DMX WhiteBox R-512 G4 IP65

4 x 360deg 6/9 dBi Outdoor antennas (transmitter)

4 x 25deg 8/10dBi Outdoor antennas (receiver)

2 x grandMA2 with NPUs

Syncrolites B5/2 5K Xenon

Clay Paky Alpha Spot 1500 HPE

Clay Paky Alpha Profile 1500

Clay Paky Alpha Beam 1500

Clay Paky Sharpy

ELP60 Powerstick LED

Showtec M800 Outdoor IP65 LED Par

Sunbeam LED stick IP65

Altman Outdoor Parcan 1 Kw

Strong Gladiator 4; 4K Followspot

Robert Juliat Aramis; 2.5K Followspot


Supplier: Ampco Flashlight Rental, The Netherlands

Project manager: Pascal Vergeer

System Engineer: Maico van Rijnsoever

Lighting design / director : Frank Lischka

Associate Lighting design / operator : Daan Oomen and Jeffrey Goes (The Unit Showcontrol), and Melanie Lemm (Followspot-caller).

Video by Faber Audiovisuals

Crew: Martin Hoop, Roy Aarninkhof, Frits Ton, Jos van Schaik, Jan Hoefnagels, Rene Meester, Jacco de Vries, Jerry Zandwijk, Guy Timmermans, Sander Diks and Jeroen Schmitz


For more information about W-DMX, visit www.wirelessdmx.com.

Visit Ampco Flashlight at www.ampco-flashlight.nl.

Copyright © 2013, Oy Hedengren Ab
, 00200 Helsinki, Finland, puh./tel.
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