IBC 2014 OMNEO uutuus


RTS OMNEO External Interface-2 celebrates world premiere at IBC 2014

  • OEI-2 (OMNEO External Interface-2) allows the migration of existing RTS equipment to OMNEO media networking architecture
  • Support for both USOC or 586B wiring
  • Low-profile, user-friendly, mountable design

Amsterdam, Netherlands, September 12, 2014: RTS Intercom Systems is pleased to introduce the OEI-2 (OMNEO External Interface 2) at IBC 2014.

The OEI-2 enables connectivity between analogue audio sources and legacy RTS key panels and an OMNEO network. This allows users to maintain existing infrastructure and the equity of their original equipment investment while updating to high-performance OMNEO media networking architecture.

Utilizing standard IP Ethernet infrastructure, OMNEO-equipped products can be assembled into networks of 2 to 10,000 cooperating devices that share common control systems. OMNEO sets new industry standards for audio communications by offering unparalleled scalability and future-proof expandability; studio-quality synchronized multichannel audio; the most robust, reliable, and secure control protocol suite available; ultra-low latency; and the support of DHCP protocols.

The compact, mountable OEI-2 is designed for quick installation and easy operation, and supports all RTS analogue key panels.

Key features:

  • Provides an interface between legacy RTS key panels and RTS OMI OMNEO interface cards for ADAM and ADAM-M units.
  • Support for both USOC or 586B wiring.
  • Provides less than 20 ms of audio latency in typical network installations.
  • Provides a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 KHz to the keypanel.
  • Supports DHCP and device discovery for easy set up and network management.
  • Optional fiber connection – multi-mode or single-mode available.
  • Supports CAT-5/5e and CAT-6 with dual Ethernet connectors for device looping.
  • Supports compatibility with third-party Dante™ products available from numerous suppliers.

More about OMNEO Media Networking Architecture:

OMNEO’s program transport component is the result of a partnership between Bosch Security Systems (RTS corporate ownership) and Audinate Pty. OMNEO uses Audinate’s Dante™ networking technology to provide standards-based, routable IP media transport.

OMNEO’s system control component is an open development derived from the Audio Engineering Society’s AES-24 protocol architecture. Named OCA (for Open Control Architecture), it includes many features for flexibility, reliability, security, and future expansion. OCA is being prepared as an open public standard by the OCA Alliance, of which Bosch Security Systems is a member.


Cordial greetings,

Nico Lewis (ST/SAS-EU2)
Senior Sales Manager RTS Intercoms

twitter: @RTS_Intercoms

Skype: nico_lewis_

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