The following list of our main business segments has been created to address both manufacturers and professional users. Many of our suppliers provide products and solutions that can be used for several of listed segments. Please contact our sales teams for further details.

Broadcast – Audio

Co-operation with the significant players in the production industry remains important when selecting new products and solutions. The Broadcast Audio taskforce is responsible for recording, editing and professional and reliable playback of audio.

Live – Audio

With event production and theatre technology, easy-to-use and reliable technology is needed to produce the desired sound world.
When planning how to implement a memorable event, you can turn to the experienced Live Audio taskforce.

Pro – Audio

When you see individual solutions or products as part of your greater plan, you are right in the middle of the area of expertise of the Pro Audio taskforce. Our specialists will help you select products for creating your production in Pro quality, in accordance with your requirements and budget.


Broadcast – Video

Mixers, matrices, recording systems and transfer adapters for producing broadcast quality image and audio without data loss. In co-operation with our Audio and Lighting departments, we can plan and implement production-quality video production systems.

Studio – Video

Cameras, pedestals, recorders, playback equipment and transfer adapters for studio projection and video and audio monitoring. System planning and equipment deliveries for advertising and programme production industry companies.

Other video devices

Solutions for the transfer of video and audio, enhancing and editing. Comprehensive video equipment for the entire production chain including camera bags, objectives, stand adapters, memories, storage systems and software.


Studio – Lighting

In addition to studio lighting, our Lighting taskforce offers expertise in lighting design and dimmers, trusses and attachments, based on the comprehensive solution to be implemented.

Live – Lighting

In co-operation with the Audio department, our Lighting taskforce offers specialist services in performance facilities and tour technology to theatres and event organisers.

Commercial Audio

Audio solutions for where the people are; equipment that immediately reaches target groups through both advertising and instructions. The General audio taskforce works in close co-operation with designers and offers customised solutions from design to implementation.



The AudioVisual sales team works in close co-operation with the reseller network, delivering meeting technology from control systems to display solutions.

AV – displays and projectors

Displays, projectors and display surfaces from control rooms to outdoor LED wall solutions. Display technology, representing the latest in display innovation, delivered as ready-to-use packages.

AV – InfoTV

Information systems as a part of AV installation, or ready-to-use information channels including software, players and display equipment together with mounting platforms. Targeted communication of information and advertising using the information channel.

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