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You can follow Hedcom news updates through social media.

As current news bulletins appear on our online service, we will notify you of them on our Facebook page and the update will also automatically be transferred to Twitter..

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Email – subscribing to the distribution list, changing information or unsubscribing from the distribution list

If you would like to receive product news and bulletins on our campaign specials by email, you can subscribe to our digital news distribution list. We use the list sparingly and consider the limitations of mobile communication devices concerning the use of attachments and large images with the messages. Usually, the communication is a to-the-point news bulletin that has Web links to separate product pages or attachment files.
On the distribution list, you can include your own information, and change or remove it using the attached form, which automatically generates an email to the administrator of the list.
When changing an email address, first provide your old address and then the new one!


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